Project BOM is a research team providing comprehensive eye care for
the visually impaired people living in resource limited conditions.
아프리카의 BOM활동 사진

It is affiliated with the Yonsei University College of Medicine in South Korea. Yonsei University’s Severance Hospital is the first modern medical institution in Korea, and it has been a leading medical institution in the country for more than 130 years.

Department of Ophthalmology of the College of Medicine had launched a blindness prevention project named Project Blindness Zero Movement(BOM) in 2011 to provide proper eye health services to the people of Malawi, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, with support from the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and our concerned partners in business sector such as Hyundai Motor Chung Mong Ku Foundation or Korea Telecom (KT).

The objective of the Project BOM had been finding ways to improve eye health accessibility and
eye health equity of marginalized people, focusing on the prevention and treatment of cataract, trachoma, and refractive errors,
while strengthening the capacity of local eye health professionals until the expansion of its coverage to Vietnam,
which also broadened its services to other public health concerns.

Project BOM now has expertise in evidence generation for
global health policies focusing on planning, development, implementation, and evaluation
of its projects with various health activities.


  • 1Evidence Generation
  • 2mHealth-related Approach
  • 3Global Eye Health
Mission Statement



Project BOM has been putting its utmost efforts to contribute to the achievement of the Universal Health Coverage especially for the most vulnerable people: sick and dying amongst the poor, and its very first activities were focused on the elimination of preventable blindness and sight restoration for the visually impaired since 2012.

The activities of Project BOM is in each office are as followings:

Malawi Office (2012~Present)
malawi_office01 malawi_office02 malawi_office03 malawi_office04
  1. Introduction of mHealth Application for Eye Health Information Management
  2. Capacity Building for Local Health Professionals including HSAs(Health Surveillance Assistants)
  3. Provision of Cataract Surgeries through Mobile Blindness Prevention Center
  4. Correction of Refractive Error for Primary School Students
  5. Health Education regarding Hygiene and Sanitation for Community People Conducted by Health Surveillance Assistants
  6. Elimination of Trachoma and establishment of Electronic Health Information System
Vietnam Office (2015~Preent)
vietnam_office01 vietnam_office02 vietnam_office03 vietnam_office04
  1. Primary Health System Improvement Program through Capacity Building of Commune Health Centers with Portable Ultrasound Device, SONON made my Healcerion Inc.
  2. Correction of Refractive Error for Primary and Junior Secondary School Students
  3. Comprehensive Community Eye Health Program through Utilization of the EYELIKE Platform


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